A Generalist pure-sang, with technology at its core. In every domain, you will always find specialists. With whom he effortlessly connects. Able to understand, comprehend and challenge their reasons for taking a certain position.

Whether the domain is Software, AI, Hardware, Embedded, Communications, Electronics, Manufacturing, Operations, UX or Business Strategy.

Peter relates, understands and connects the dots of what is essentially a multi-dimensional space.

Each aspect is either a tool, a component, or a combination of both. Carefully selected to achieve a certain objective. Combined and compiled in the right order, it allows to create almost anything.

Operating Globally, Peter delivers high-profile projects in EMEA, APAC and North America. In the process meeting with Industry leaders and Senior Government Officials.

Serving in a wide variety of industries; generic operational IT services, Life Science, Utilities, Transportation, allowed the development of insights into what is core versus what is industry specific.

Projects, from laying greenfield foundations, leading active migrations to rescuing derailed programs. Guiding teams, by designing comprehensive strategies and creative solutions to resolve challenges.

A public speaker who can communicate complexity in layman’s terms. Allowing the Board, the factory floor and other audiences to understand the essentials.

His inquisitive mind is curious about maths, physics, biology, chemistry and even the quantum realm. An avid reader passionate about growing his own understanding. Sprinkled with a love for Arts, Design and what makes humans Human.

All this combined with soft skills, compassion and caring for his fellow human. Though he Will call out “bull-shitters”, eventually, so be forewarned if you are one. While at the same time admitting to, owning his mistakes in a heartbeat.



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